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WukongSon (December 6th, 2011):
nah i just gave up on playing dc all together and planning to get back to dbo and prob start sk to own those noobs i was on the other day and still people talking **** about vesperia and starting drama with me as soon as i got on

WukongSon (December 4th, 2011):
How u been my sonny boy! -FalconPunch a.k.a Saint.

swizop (October 24th, 2011):
Says he's not online.

buhfrog (September 12th, 2011): this is the page im using for armor stats, is that right?

buhfrog (September 12th, 2011):

ionutzu622 (August 23rd, 2011):

Spud1984 (July 15th, 2010):
remember that block function i told you about guess what losser ive used it on you

Spud1984 (June 23rd, 2010):
you see you can only have 80 members max in a guild so we will have to stop taking people on soon then your guild can start growing like ours see every one is happy.

and theres still a spot for you if you change you mind ive been in small guild befor and its not nice being alone most of the time

Spud1984 (June 21st, 2010):
i think we should tarlk when you have calmed down a little,

and allso there a limit to how many member upgrades you can buy i think its 100 max and i know theres way more than 100 english people playing so there really needs to be 2 good guilds or some players would be left out.

Citrinate (May 10th, 2010):
You should be able to see the private forum now.

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