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Kaizito (September 15th, 2013):
Sure, Why not ..

Kaizito (September 15th, 2013):

tieuquai1460 (August 4th, 2013):
Man. Ok just do the hair part. Use DBOResourcesTool and coppy the non numbered file outside then use it on DBOResourcesTool.Then find the one that says skin then try to extraxt it out. It will say that some numbered pak file is missing. Remember that and if u can't see skin in it then try the next number or the previous number . For ex if u found it was text53 and u can't see the skin anywhere just try text52 and text 51 and keep looking the one that are close to it, it worked when I was doing Goku sound mod, it told me sound 52 but I found it was sound 53.

Tomlanji (August 4th, 2013):
Hair Color- Directly from a poster...
Skin- Idk what tex is skin
Me & Spirit are going to make own separate SSJG mods for all faces & hairs

Tomlanji (August 4th, 2013):
What do you mean by make the skin look like goku?

darkingdom (July 29th, 2013):
That bullshit.

Jakedbz030 (June 9th, 2013):
dude calm down everyone gets jr to recruit its not the end of the world. you are the only person who keeps crying about it please stop

Vegito1089 (June 9th, 2013):
Good luck getting an infraction idiot cussing my mum

Jakedbz030 (June 5th, 2013):
I think I will recreate this Saturday.

Jakedbz030 (May 20th, 2013):
ok sonic tell me when its you so i know whats up

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