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Chelsi (November 11th, 2009):
^^ Cool, thank you~

Chelsi (November 11th, 2009):
Ok cool. ^^ I would love to have the username Seruri. Thanks Citrinate! :D

Chelsi (November 11th, 2009):
Hey Citrinate, just wondering; Is there any way to change username?

Kienzan (November 11th, 2009):
Citrinate, some of the guides and videos you posted are being put onto dbmmo's wiki. Like your MA skills guide, netmarble account creation guide and your "mount up" video.

Just lettin' ya know. (incase you already don't).

[email protected] (November 8th, 2009):

dizzie38 (November 5th, 2009):
is there anyway you will be able to upload the patch?

AceX (November 4th, 2009):
Hey Citrinate just ban lukass445566 he just spams and asks for kssns

lukass445566 (November 4th, 2009):
plz tell me were i can find KSSN :( :( :( :( :(
PLS pls pls pls plsssss

Cknet (November 2nd, 2009):
I subcsibe into youtube and Twitter but a use diferents nicknames like Cknet1986 and Cknet1. Is this a problem?

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