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Zeren (May 30th, 2012):
yeah so does mini count as one of our two or does is not matter enough to really count that as one of the ristrictions? like can someone do JR,ADULT and do a MINI for the hell of it? or we counting MINI?

Android182 (May 30th, 2012):
I dont think we can make the torney list yet. with ppl using there alts it may get confusing so what ill do is get ppl to come with there mini's first and do it one at a time with intermissions so ppl can get there other chars for other classes. + im still waiting on Hinata but he said he is going to be there with ppl so im hoping to get a list soon

Zeren (May 24th, 2012):
it says 5-6 days till 60? is that for real!?

Zeren (May 24th, 2012):
oh yeah? i will watch this but is it nice and fast? and not to much of a hassle for you? lol

Android182 (May 24th, 2012):
I think we can get u to 60 now ^^

Zeren (May 23rd, 2012):
btw did ya notice in the bottom right corner of the poster what it said? lol

Zeren (May 23rd, 2012):
lol right i am excited now! lol and just a suggestion.. would it be better to do friday? because i found out a few people still work sunday? idk? friday is a big video game playing day it seems lol

Android182 (May 23rd, 2012):
OMG thats Soooo cool!
Ill post all of this and the updates to it tomorrow. wow u got me re-exited about this lol

Android182 (May 22nd, 2012):

SAYAINJI (May 21st, 2012):

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