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King Piccolo (July 19th, 2011):
Well I wouldn't try it until you have reached at least 35+ to try and solo tmq 1. I mentioned that a Wonder Majin is the only one who could solo it because they know the play dead technique. At the part where you have to click the ball to kill all the mobs they are the only ones that can do it without getting constant aggro.

Pein (July 19th, 2011):
yeah levelling is alot easier and what master class are u doing?

Pein (July 19th, 2011):
yeah u can join Merciless, ill inv u whenever i see u around Amnesiac right?

Atarada (July 16th, 2011):
Oh cool dude !!! I'm actually 50 so , better, I can help you level at anytime !! Ingame name is Strayth . PM me !

Pein (July 16th, 2011):
yeah there is still a big lack of healers and majins

Pein (July 16th, 2011):
depends on what class u want to be.

Pein (July 15th, 2011):
Pain and Ogami

Pein (July 15th, 2011):
u on the tw version?

Atarada (July 7th, 2010):
Hey Munion, are you there ???

probablyhigh (March 16th, 2010):
thanks, my guys name is Brotenks, but he's pretty low as i've only just started working on him, just got him lvl 12

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