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SonKagou (July 24th, 2011):
hihihihi here it is cool huh?remeber only on vegeta server but once the fusion sever u can useit here too :PPP

SonKagou (July 16th, 2011):
btw get this clothes off o.O

SonKagou (July 16th, 2011):
im ssj :DDD

SonKagou (July 16th, 2011):
ram when are loging in??o.OOOO

SonKagou (July 10th, 2011):
btw i got u a present ;D

SonKagou (July 10th, 2011):
we where right about him

SonKagou (July 10th, 2011):
:O daam. well he stoled it from u u where so close from sssj ;O

SonKagou (July 9th, 2011):
goten steled it from u o.0

SonKagou (July 8th, 2011):
lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0ol ramana in told u shouldnt leave. when u leaved i went fought one monster and go a db now i got 5 i told u should hear me

SonKagou (July 8th, 2011):
u really so ure character thats great ^^ . hey i lvl up normally -.-

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    Race: Human
    Biography: I wake up, go to work, come home, eat, play DBO or other games, go to bed, then do it again. =l
    Location: In a box under Korin Tower.
    Interests: Games?
    Occupation: Raiding the chocolate factory of candy land!

    TW: Tippicoro

    KR: Ramana


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