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pioglitazono (January 5th, 2013):
hello, may i ask you for the permission to access the translation tool ?

angelevilone (January 5th, 2013):
"Hello, I'd like to become a translator. I'm requesting the access to translation tool, please."

dod2009 (January 5th, 2013):

may u give me a permission to try the translation tool :) ?

GojiraSon (January 5th, 2013):
I have found that using a translation website from china gives a translation that makes more sense, better than google but still off.

SonKagou (January 4th, 2013):
Ok im sorry this wont happen again.sorry for getting
you angry sir,i promise i wont do any other mistakes

SonKagou (January 4th, 2013):
Ok thank you

SonKagou (January 4th, 2013):
Citrinate ! I was willing to ask you , If you know any translating websites so i can help better with teh english patch translating?Because Google translator doesn't do much,Any suggesting websites? If so please can you send me a link ?

SonKagou (January 4th, 2013):
Alright ! I will do my best.Thanks for reporting it to me :)

Raklight (January 4th, 2013):
I'd like to contribute to the English Patch with translations

Kinsho (January 4th, 2013):
May I have access to the Translator?

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