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guitarheroboy4 (October 10th, 2012):
by pm do you mean in game or on dbocom? because if its in game i wont be on for another week or so.

guitarheroboy4 (October 9th, 2012):
i noticed that you said you had a lvl 51 dark warrior and had a lot of zeni, i have been playing for a year and am interested to hear YOUR strategy for making zeni. i have a kid clock and its totally worth it.

Vegeta (October 2nd, 2012):
Nice I'm going to buy it too i think

Jaxill (September 28th, 2012):
You have to wait for sign up time. Times vary between versions. If you ask your guild mates when you see the icon they should tell you how long till sign up.

maurice4470 (September 27th, 2012):
Nope. My characters name is Hakp.

maurice4470 (September 26th, 2012):
I play tw on server 1. Im often on channel 5 or2

maurice4470 (September 22nd, 2012):
Thx for the help

Kiyza (September 20th, 2012):
My name is over there too. The link was actually left in my visitor messages by another user, so you'll just have to click the link if you don't feel like searching. ^.^

As a side note, everything on there right now isn't particularly good -- my writing skills have improved drastically since I last uploaded anything.

Kiyza (September 18th, 2012):
Yeah, that's definitely what I was thinking of. I wrote an initial draft in my notebook, but I never got around to typing it up on a computer. It took up around half of the notebook. XD I currently write everything on the computer to avoid this complication.

I'll probably get to typing it up sooner or later, but I'm currently working on a Marvel/Dragon Ball crossover in the middle of being swamped with schoolwork. I don't expect to have anything published before winter break and I don't let anyone other than close friends/beta readers view my drafts, as I'm rather embarrassed by them. If you have an account there, you can follow me on, since I'll probably post it there along with a few other sites once my revisions are done.

PanJa (September 17th, 2012):
Hey i got your request to join Azure guild at Forums and prob you want join it in game ....but however idk if our guild is still exsist My self i'm not playing TW version for long time so do other aswell You should look In-Game for other guild just SHout it i bet you gonna get invitation :)

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