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Blazessj (October 19th, 2012):
Uh can you make a tutorial I'm kinda lost.

superGokun (October 17th, 2012):
sorry i cant update it

NotoriousNH (October 15th, 2012):
heey :)
sorry for my absence... will be back very, very soon... had 2 do a lot 4 school :$:(
hope u understand :) and thnaks again 4 your help!

superGokun (October 15th, 2012):
When i press start it was slow i had to wait a bet of a while for
log in screen to appear. Befor it was'nt doing that? do you know what the problem is?
also my DBO_CT_TW folder has no DL_Temp folder in it to catain the patches is that bad?

Yuhei (October 15th, 2012):
yes what menu is it your having trouble with

superGokun (October 15th, 2012):
cant the menu wont show dont know what els to do.
can everyone els play the game?

superGokun (October 14th, 2012):
control panel and set dbo to be allowed through the fire wall
could you tell step bye step how you did it?

Blazessj (October 14th, 2012):
I have A Problem Everytime I go in DBO tw it patches then downloads then when it's finished it says DBOlauncher (rest in Taiwanese) then i press OK then I press START After That notjing happens this has been goin on for Months Please help!!

superGokun (October 13th, 2012):
ive send you an pm:)

guitarheroboy4 (October 11th, 2012):
k well send tell me your strategy so i too can become rich and also i will back-up my files.

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