Guild Name: Vengance
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: None
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

1. No Inner Fighting no drama. If you are having problems with someone pls come talk to me we will try to keep things civil talk about it.

2. i would like you guys to stay on Channle 4. its no really a rule but it helps us kinda stay on the same page. this is no enforced XD.

3. Stay peaceful helpful to other players guilds (and i dont mean give them your zeni stuff lol). If someone is giving you a hard time OR is trolling you ether block them OR talk to me. I`ll get them back for you :evilsmile: jks

4. If you are on karin City arena pls try no to kill kids (low lvls) there just trying to have fun.

5. no hacking, crashing, begging OR scamming.

6. try to help each other whenever you are able to.

7. lvl lvl lvl. keep active lvling. when you are 50+ I can start showing you some tips that will make you possibly even stronger then me....:sad:

8. I am fine with you guys having alt`s in other guilds as long as your somewhat active in this guild as long as we have the space you can put your alts in this guild.

9. There is no longer a lvl restriction for entering this guild but only invite people that are nice no about to fight over stupid things.

10. You must have a dbocom account access to this guild page to be aloud in to this guild.

11. have fun:smile:

12. if you are inactive for more then 3 weeks with out some notice you will be expelled from the guild. I am making a page just for people who want to post why they are no going to be on in doing so you will no be expelled.

Ty. i hope these rules are no too much but I hope they help.

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